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Submit using cURL

Some examples:

<command> | curl -F text=@- https://upaste.de/
curl -F text=@<filename> -F type=<syntax> https://upaste.de

diff -u mydoc-final.tex mydoc-reallyfinal.tex | curl -F text=@- -F type=diff https://upaste.de/
curl -F text=@/etc/passwd https://upaste.de/

Here's a quick and dirty POSIX shell script you can use for submitting that uses cURL:

case "$1" in
    echo "Example: upaste [-t js] [test.js]"
    echo "Reads from stdin if no filename is supplied."
    type=" -F type=$2"
    shift 2
curl -F text=@${1:--}$type https://upaste.de/


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